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Pharm Revival of Madison

Pharm Revival Co. is a Marine Corps Veteran owned and family operated Public Benefit Corporation, located in Waunakee, WI. We specialize in sourcing the highest quality organically grown and manufactured Hemp and CBD products from Wisconsin and beyond.

Although we are not allowed to make any health or medical claims, thousands of years of Plant-Based Medicine has given us the proof we need to stand behind Hemp’s Healing Powers. We are passionate about helping people and promoting the positive synergy that the legalization of Industrial Hemp is spreading across our nation.

We believe that our Nation is ready for a Pharmacology Revival – If You Agree – Join Us!

Growing to heal

Growing to Heal Pharm Revival Madison

In the 1930’s Wisconsin was one of the largest Hemp producing regions in the world.

The end of Hemp prohibition through the 2018 Farm Bill is allowing Wisconsinites to get back to our Hemp Roots, with a potential for an economic kick start that over 2,000 Wisconsin Farmers are embracing this season.

Industrial Hemp farming is: Regenerating farmland depleted by modern monoculture, creating thousands of new jobs in America’s Heartland, and providing a wide variety of natural and organic Hemp-based herbal remedies with endless restorative benefits.

Please join us in these uncharted waters and embrace the internal Balance, Health, and
Wellness that Hemp and CBD Extracts have been providing humanity for thousands of years.