We are “Growing to Heal Inc” and we are patriots for all things Hemp, with an unwavering mission to Heal!

Heal Our Earth

Hemp Agriculture can reduce the carbon in our atmosphere and combat some of the major issues caused by modern monoculture. Hemp agriculture requires no harmful pesticides, significantly less water use, and hemp’s deep tap roots regenerate the soil and adds nutrients depleted by decades of single crop farming. The uses of Hemp go way beyond CBD. Hemp can be manufactured into products ranging from concrete and rope to bioplastics and biofuels.

Pharm Revival Heal Our Earth
Pharm Revival of Madison Heal Our Economy

Heal Our Economy

The 2018 Farm Bill is creating a “sea of green” and the economic impacts are being spread far and wide. Increased revenue for local family-farms and thousands of new jobs and businesses will directly result from Hemp’s legalization. We strive to work with as many local and family-run farms as we can find. We want proceeds of this Hemp movement to go straight back to the Heartland and stay out of the deep pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

Heal Our Friends and Families

We have been programed to spoon feed synthetic prescription drugs to ourselves, our loved ones, and our four-legged friends for decades. All the while, Hemp the amazing super plant, has been forbidden from use and research. We want to be the voice of our generation and help expose the truth about the healing powers of Hemp and CBD that the government knows very well. We are in the midst of the Revival of Hemp as a medicine and the positive impacts of Hemp and CBD in our bodies is indisputable.

CBD Heals Our Fellow Americans
Disabled Vet Healed By CBD

Heal Our Veterans & Servicemembers

For 18 years and counting, young Americans have been defending our Country’s Freedom oversees in what is being called an endless war. The injuries our heroes are coming home with run much deeper than physical damage. Mental injuries like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious problem that many Vets are dealing with. Studies have verified that CBD can help with the symptoms of PTSD.

We are here to bring that help directly to WI Vets, by offering 20% OFF all our products, for Active Duty Military and Veterans. We are also offering 20% OFF for those that protect us locally including all: Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics. Our Veterans and Servicemembers need support
and we are here for them!